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The origins of the artwork in this project combines years of collecting materials for the bar code project and the initiative instigated by my involvement in the RIMS California Arts Project Institute which demands of its arts educators that we "do art."

Original Bar Code
A daily ritual of re-filling the paper towel dispenser became a thirty-year actuation of intent: a permanent and tangible statement about the life and personal definition of being a teacher... "what I do."
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Barcode 2
Basically, the first attempt at doing anything with the bar codes. I began to realize the potential for lots of bar code stuff. I had thousands, maybe more.
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Collage practice
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Bar Code Fingerprint-in-show
Eight panels that had been used in my ceramics classroom as clay working surfaces.
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Original Fingerprint
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Crown Print
I know it's my fingerprint, but it could be anyone's. Everybody has one and everyone's is different. Our fingerprints become evidence of who we are, where we've been and what we've done. We are defined by what we do, not by who we think we are.
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Micro #2
A different enlargement of a small section of the fingerprint.
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Macro Micro
The large print of this almost pixel-size blow-up shows a sharp definition between the "halo-like" edge around the main shapes. Its clarity is one of the fascinating characteristics of this print.
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Fingerprint Bar Code
A thin slice of my fingerprint, stretched horizontally. The result: my own personal bar code.
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The Visual Message
An exploration of how other images might remind us of "fingerprints" or bar codes. I've acknowledged the use of the "retinal scan" image by an exaggerated enlargement of the "eye" portion of my "Pointillist Self-portrait."
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Stuff Happens
We are defined by what we do. Even the once-in-a-lifetime experience allows us to see ourselves as someone who we never knew we were.
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Contribute Evidence
You are invited to become part of the story.
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About the Artist

John D. Fisher

My personally "expressive" artwork has been mostly drawing, painting, collages, and assemblages. True art has been my inspiration and doing art has been my salvation and my reward. Art is the satisfaction of my need to share. Life without sharing is meaningless, leaving no footprint in memory. Doing my art has become an actuation of intent to share images and objects of contemplation open for interpretation and appreciation.

–John D. Fisher







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